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Reading (Standard)

With her eyes closed, Theresa takes a moment to ground herself, connect with source, and create a positive protection for the highest good while providing messages. She then begins to see images in her mind's eye. These images can be literal to an actual event or a metaphorical depiction of what is going on. She always asks that her clients have some questions prepared and also that they come with an open mind and positive outlook. The more open the client, the better the reading!

Some readings are based on images/messages that come through, some have past relatives that pop in to say hello and give confirmation that they are with you, some require a little clearing from possible negative attachments and at times she even does some body scanning to help align your energy and clear some negativity. Each reading is unique in its own respect and kept confidential.  


Healing (Completed During Reading)

This will probably not be what you are used to!

Once Theresa has closed her eyes, grounded, connected, and created protection, She like to visually see your energetic self in her mind's eye. Theresa then runs, what she likes to call, an energy tornado through you to clean and clear up stagnant energy and blocks. Physical ailments may light up for Theresa at this point so that she may relay information on an area that might need additional attention. Once Theresa has finished with her “tornado”, she likes to run some healing white light through the client (as well as any other light colors that feel like joining in on the healing) and make sure it runs straight from top to bottom. This is to make sure the client is aligned, and energy is flowing. Theresa also uses her own light to help heal as she works on removing stagnant or blocked energy. With this energy, clean-up can come images or words and emotions that she will relay as they come to assist the client in understanding what caused the issue so as to prevent it from re-occurring. 


House & Personal Attachment Clearing including hauntings (Completed During Reading if possible or submit a message)

Theresa will always begin these sessions with the same grounding, connecting, and protection as her readings but instead of looking for incoming messages, Theresa scans people and places for negative energetic beings or residual negativity left behind. Theresa can call on her guides and angels to assist with removing if needed, and she always likes to infuse positive energy into the location or around the individual before finishing.

These include attachments to people, places, and things and the removal of portals or energetic openings. Theresa always looks at what caused the issues so that they can be avoided moving forward. 

These can be done virtually without Theresa having to physically be with the person or visit the location, but if wanted, She can be present if the client's location allows and it is preferred to be done in person. 


Raising Your Frequency (Coaching)

Looking for some tips and tricks to get your vibration raised and mindset to a more positive frequency?

With the help of her guides, Theresa has been able to recognize and be made aware of simple changes and practice implementations that can be done to help raise your vibration and give you a nice boost into a better, happier, and joy-filled life. This works great just as an additional tool for those already living a great life and looking for just a little extra boost, all the way to those who are truly struggling with getting themselves in line with a more positive life.

Traumas can set the stage for a negative mindset, but it doesn’t need to stay that way!

Starting with understanding your past situations/events can come with an amazing release! The ultimate decider of the outcome is you! If you’re willing to put the work in, the brighter path is simply waiting to be walked.  

You can also use Theresa's book, Guided: lifelong self-awareness techniques to raise your vibration and bring you more joy, to help establish your structures and beliefs in order to let go of what holds you back so that you can push forward.  

Theresa's coaching is also for anyone with abilities looking to understand what they have or even those wanting to perfect what they have in the most beneficial of ways. Theresa likes to tune into each person and see what's needed for them in particular and she also provides courses that will become available through the booking page. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for or ask for an upcoming course that will help you along your path to see what holds you back so that you can learn how to push yourself ahead! 

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