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Theresa Porter

The Healing Medium 

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Theresa has always had abilities and a drive to help those around her. From a young age, She recalls a man who stood at her bedside watching over her while she slept. As Theresa grew, she always had a “sense” or “feeling” about people or places without knowing why. She would also have answers on outcomes of events or situations based on her dreams. These moments would play out exactly as she had seen in her visions.

Knowing she had “something” but never knowing exactly what, Theresa provided guidance, readings, and encouragement to whoever needed it, pushed by her desire to do good and spread good. To be able to understand the extent of her abilities, Theresa sought out guidance from psychic channel/healer/author/speaker/hypnotist Elizabeth Rose from The Rose Cottage, who guided her on knowing her abilities, how to use them, and learning confidence in the gifts she held.

She also received Tarot card training, guidance, assistance, and well-needed encouragement from seer/healer and wise woman Emma Smallbone. Theresa then trained under spiritual intuitive and teacher Vanessa Lisle Widergren to see what she could further expand and where she could push herself.

Theresa continued to learn and take her abilities to the next level to utilize them on a grander scale and to be able to reach and help more people. 

Since then, with help from her guides, Theresa has expanded on her abilities and processes to further help with healing and positivity for those in need. Theresa has several tapped-in abilities allowing her to help many, from channeling to mediumship readings, entity removals, blessings, energy work, and much more!

Theresa has now also written and published her book Guided, Life long self-awareness techniques to raise your vibration and bring you more joy. This book is a creation that is held dear and used as a platform to assist any wanting to find clarity and ease within life. Whether overcoming traumas or simply looking to bring your manifestation journey to the next level and everything in between, this book will help you along your path with its easy-to-implement tasks. 

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What my Clients Say

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Marie L

It's easy for me because I genuinely felt a change in my entire perspective . I had experiences in the past where I always fell into the trap of seeing and staying focused on the negative. However, having completed a course with Theresa, Having found myself in a similar situation and having just finished the course, I was able to quickly change my attitude and start to focus on the positive and see a drastic change in outcomes. Not only did it change my perspective and attitude, it also greatly affected my husband. The days that followed beautiful memories were able to be created. Literally saved my vacation! Thank you Theresa! 
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