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the Boy who cried man!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who thought himself to be a man. He lived his life in his head with a great distance from his heart. He had many friends. Some were well-known and some were left in the shadows. His desire to stay relevant with those he prioritized most in his life left him leaving little to no consideration for those he kept in secret. Plans would be made and plans would be broken with such simplicity and ease. He thought not of that which was outside of himself and only of his desires. 

The consequences of such choices can leave us blind to the beauty of that which we’ve refused the light. The potential for growth and flourishment is never to be seen. The opportunities and true bonds are left to wither away. 

With such a lack of thought toward the emotions of others or respect for the precious time he had wasted, the boy was unable to see the great losses in which he was experiencing. Not capable of recognizing the true reason behind those in the shadows slipping away into that darkness. 

The boy's untruths told in ignorance to disguise the selfish desires in which he craved we’re known by others. The boy still believed his tracks to be covered, unaware of the clear trail left behind him. His biggest flaw was in the swirl of beliefs around the head he was so lost within. It was the moment of having unexpected company when plans were already made in the shadows but simply thinking “one sec” as he sent out word of injury to cancel what was already planned with such little notice. It was within the new and quickly created plans with those prioritized that led the boy adrift. It was the distance from his heart. The lies sent out to cover the new and greater desire of the boy. 

And off he went never to receive word from the shadows again. To enjoy his own valuable time with his offbeat desires. 

One would think this to be the ending of the story. Yet, it is far from the ending! 

Those left in the shadows must never be left unheard for their story creates the completion of the dance that has already begun. 

With being no stranger to disrespect and lack of consideration, these people have learned to grow despite the lack of light. They learn to blossom within the depths and rise into the beauty in which they had always been but couldn’t see for themselves and definitely not treated with such by those lost within themselves and their own desires. 

The familiarity in the dark has given them the knowledge of the truth. The ability to identify what was so carelessly tossed about by those who refuse to see the worth of another. The building of themselves gave them the strength to walk away from the facade that was once presented as a promising path. 

As the two begin to walk away from each other, The friend in the shadows is aware and has chosen to move towards that which fills their cup while the boy simply continues unknowing of the loss. He becomes the boy who longed to be a man yet continues to simply be a boy, forever on the precipice of all that could have been. 

Never undervalue anybody or their time and never let anybody undervalue you or your time! 

The End!

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